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My name is Matthew Baltrusitis. I am a software engineer based in New York City, working in the advertising technology industry. My day-to-day work has me focused on high availability web services and cookieless user identification. This work has me working mostly in (modern) C++, Java and JavaScript. I also enjoy working in Python, Swift and Rust although I think the more languages you become familiar with, the more one learns about why you love the languages you do.

When not fallen down a hole in iTerm, I enjoy trapsing around NYC capturing every day life in photo and video. Eventually I would like to put together a site to display my work.

this site.

notmatthew.com was put together with the idea in mind that if I had a place to share and talk about projects big and small, that I would produce (and more importantly complete) projects both big and small. I am always interested in the various endeavours people are working on and any opportunites for collaborative work. Please feel free to reach out with any opportunities, what you are working on, suggestions for this site or just to have an interesting discussion.